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Undisputed Craft House Review

Enough bullshittin’ and back to basics. Life’s curve balls have refracted me away from my passion of food recently but I’m going to decompress here for a minute and enjoy “The Marky” burger from Undisputed Craft House located at 1881 Saul Kleinfeld. If you’re old as me, I can reference it’s where “Andre’s Pizza” used to be. Yeah the pizza that used to burn the roof of your mouth with every bite. I ordered through UberEats and had to base my decision off the menu descriptions and for whatever reason, cream cheese and Rajas caught my attention. Quick and efficiently 30 minutes later the meal was delivered.

Call me quick to judge, but once I saw checkered paper I knew it was going to be good. Homage to old school. Brioche Buns buttered and toasted to perfection. Grass fed beef from Bakka Farms, cooked to a perfect medium rare. Red Onion, Greens, Dill Pickle Chips, and Tomato. Got a little worried with the greens but they weren’t soggy. So kudos on however that was achieved lol. The special ingredients were the Rajas and Cream Cheese that came off more as Ricotto cheese. So either it’s whipped or somebody is lying lol. Either way it’s a nice flavor profile and an even better mouth to tongue texture. It’s a nice sized burger and came with some delicious beer battered fries. Nice and crunchy. The strong pungent taste of red onion seemed to take over the conversation between my brain and my taste buds. But other than that everything was superb.

Burger snob rating bureau scored the Marky Burger a 8/10. Highly recommend anything on their menu.

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