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Toro Burger Review

Ok... idk who’s smoking crack at Texas Monthly. Fire that judge and hire me please. I’ve rated Toro before and it wasn’t that great of a score if I remember correctly. They don’t even crack my top 15 with their BEST burger... I’d every go as far to say it’s not even a top 30 burger in El Paso, TX. A city known for its food, you gotta bring your A game EVERY SINGLE DISH. With that being said... I kept seeing a sponsored ad for the 4th Best Burger in Texas (by Texas Monthly) ... shame on Texas Monthly for selling out apparently.

The brioche bun was ok. Wasn’t the freshest bun I’ve had. Had something pressed on the top. I think the toro logo. Some business advice... if you’re going to put your logo on your burger, they need to be extra special. @doordash menu for this burger says “mixed greens” but it only came with lettuce. Also mentions a blue cheese gravy... yeah that wasn’t in there. Nothing in this burger was sweet to balance the over savory notes this burger brings. No sauce or anything. Zero acidity... sad to say this but this burger was worst than the “fake silver streak” that was in Clint, TX. Burger patties were waaaay too thick. Reminded me of panda burgers obscene sized meatloaf patties. Sorry Toro, y’all dropped the ball on this one. I DO NOT recommend this burger. Their Mojo wings on the other hand...

EP Burger Snob Score: 2.9

Thinks that’s a new low. Worst Best Marketed Burger in El Paso...

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