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The Hangry Gringo Review

The Hangry Gringo... and I’m not referring to myself. A small food truck that usually operates at the Pelicano/Darrington intersection. Smart because it’s a high traffic area with only so many dinner options on the way home. I was guided here through secret classified burger intelligence sources that it was worth checking out. If you know me, you know I love chile, I love cheese and I love burgers. With that being said, you probably know what I ordered. The Green Chile Burger Meal. I may have sabotaged my own burger, because had I know how much green chile and cheese it comes with, I would’ve never asked for LTOP (that’s lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles for you normies) to come with it. They personally deliver it to your vehicle with love. Some guy in overalls and a hat, whom I can only assume is “The Hangry Gringo” brought it out himself. If you love big juicy sloppy burgers, reminiscent of old school Carl’s Jr type of burgers, this one is for you. It’s a big burger too. I wanna say a 5” bun, like yeah yeah Whataburger’s. The green chile was fresh, the cheese was hot and melted, the LTOP was crisp and fresh as well. TBH I couldn’t finish it. It was either THAT BIG, or I wasn’t myself that evening. I highly recommend this place, and no I’m not being bias because the word Gringo is in the name. Burger Snob score of 8.9/10. Joins the gold club of the EP Burger Joints.

PRO TIP: Like I said I may have self sabotaged this one. If you order the green chile burger, don’t add LTOP

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