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Silver Streak?!?! (Closed)

Where do I start? Oh yeah... *sigh* On this episode, of the Far East El Paso Burger Tour, I traveled to what is essentially the farthest East I’ll travel for what I consider “faaaar East” El Paso and the greater area. In this case, Clint, TX. A charming small town just east of El Paso. I’m very familiar with Clint, TX as I lived there for a summer with my cousins.

Back to the burger... Can you tell I’m avoiding the topic? Have you ever gone on a date with an ex-gf? Have you ever chased nostalgia, and never caught it? That’s what happened today. As a kid my mom would take us to silver streak to get a mouth watering charbroiled burger that was comparable to whataburger? Yes I said it... I remember thing delicious patties with a mayo ketchup blend that would’ve put any burger to shame in El Paso during the early 90s.

I went in the Exxon Gas Station that houses the only existing Silver Streak... that I’m aware of, and ordered my staple double cheeseburger combo #4. There was no line, which tbh had me worried. Ordered, paid, waited 5 min, grabbed my order and left. Still unknown to me, inside the white bag was an unrecognizable ghost of what once was.

As I arrived at my destination to eat, I was somewhat salivating at the thought of eating a Silver Streak burger. I open the silver foiled wrapped double cheeseburger and I instantly see two abnormally thick patties that weren’t signature of the glory days. Even worse they didn’t seem fresh... a charbroiled frozen patty? American cheese, iceberg lettuce, mayo, chopped white onion and pickles. The bun was respectable. Standard hamburger bun. Soft and wasn’t dry. The verdict?

EP Burger Snob Score: 3.1/10

Maybe I was expecting the old, and in return got something that someone cheapened for a quick buck. I sadly have to rank this burger extremely low. The 3.1 comes from the bun and the flavors of the condiments. Texture was a monstrosity... the meat was hard to chew. I’ve tasted better frozen burgers from Walmart. Doesn’t help that my stomach wasn’t happy with it either. The meat was unacceptable on any scoring system.


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