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Panda Burger Review

As the EP Burger Snob's east side El Paso burger tour wraps up, I wanted to save “the best” for last.... or so I thought. I went to Panda Burger at 10780 Pebble Hills Blvd. For a couple years now, I’ve continued to hear mixed reviews about Panda Burgers. On one side, “Broooo you gotta try Panda, it’s soooo good. Best million dollars you’ll ever spend on a burger.” On the other end, “Panda is ok. The burgers are more like culinary frankensteins that appeal to potheads. Also I’ll never pay that much again for a burger.”

More often than not, I’d hear good things. And this is where this review gets complicated. My reviews are objective, and based on facts, vs a subjective review where I include my feelings and emotions. The facts: yes it was expensive, yes it’s a lot of food, yes they’re creative. This journey is to provide the general public a general opinion based on actual research. Research being the actual interception of flavors and textures by my digestive track’s doorman. I always order the joint’s burger with its name on it. What I always assume is the flagship. This day, I ordered The Super Panda.

Super Panda: Large bun. Nice and soft. Couldn’t pin point what kind of bread. Not a sourdough bun, and not a brioche. Had a sweetness to it though. Avocado over carne asada and chorizo. The carne asada reminded me of the carne asada you get in the tacos from Taco Shop. Under that was what threw me off, and possibly derailed this review for them — a quesadilla. Sounds amazing in theory, but it didn’t pass the texture test. It was hard to bite through and inhibited a perfect bite through the entire burger. Which was hard enough as it is because I don’t have a mouth the size of a hippo. Then under the quesadilla was the meat. Double patty, and I believe double cheese. And finally lettuce. Not crunchy lettuce, but that’s fine... and tomato. So back to the quesadilla. You know when you cook a corn tortilla too long on the griddle and it gets really hard to bite and rio off? That’s what ruined it for me. A Frankenstein burger it was... monstrous in size and texture.

EP Burger Snob Score: 6.9/10. Didn’t live up to the hype. #elpasoeats #epstrong #eptx

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