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Owl Bar & Cafe (NM)

The continuation in the Secret Burger Wars saga.... Owl Bar & Cafe.

During my intensive investigation, I made sure to order from both Own Bar and Buckhorn. Owl Bar & Cafe is located about 200 meters, maybe less, down the road on the left. Soon as you walk in the joint, they make it clear that they’re established and one of the elite. News articles from every decade since maybe the 50? Probably further back. The place is a bar, no question about it. But they do have a back room for more seating for when the crowd comes. I’m sure out of the same curiosity as mine. For the sake of respecting the burger, I won’t make comparisons to the other spot down the street. The bun was nicely toasted, lettuce was crisp and cool , the green chile was amazing. BUT... the patty.. texture was there, size was there, but the taste wasn’t... I’m not known for being able to break down every individual ingredient in food, but a certain flavor consumed the burger. The taste of onion powder. The sweet savory pungent taste of onion powder. That is my only knock. Ok I lied, I’m going to compare the common denominator with Buckhorn. The green chile. The green chile in the owl cafe burger was more delicious and flavorful. That I will admit. I couldn’t get past the onion powder though. Burger Snob Score: 9.1

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