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Not Just Burgers Review

Journalism in any form needs to be true, honest and unbiased. That is what I bring to the table here in this photograph. I was told.... OK... I WAS TOLLLDDDD..... this place was legit. I’ve also been told by others, that places I’ve enjoyed are trash. To each our own. That’s what makes this country a beautiful place. I’ve always lived by the motto, “your opinion is more important than mine.”

Why do I write reviews, then? Good question! One part entertainment, and one part Saint. Because I get asked a lot to try certain places and they base their date night around it. So I humour them.

Not Just Burgers (Montana) is located right there on Saul kleinfeld and montana to the right of a gas station, if I’m not mistaken. I always see it, but never order it. Now I know why... uh oh... here it comes...

Ok bun. Slightly dry. Reminded me of a whataburger bun. The topping were good. LTOP. Mayo. Ketchup. The onions were thinly sliced. Thank you for that. American cheese and two patties. I’m going to have to stoop down to a low level, because this is the truth. The patties may have been frozen before being cooked. I say this with experience and knowledge. If I’m wrong please Not Just Burgers-Montana correct me. The patty was an almost exact replica of the patty I had at the bootleg Silver Streak in Clint, TX last year. There’s a certain texture that can only be explain by eating a fresh burger patty and a frozen patty that’s been cooked. Anywho...

5.6/10... with a thinner better patty, could’ve easily cracked the high 7s, low 8s.

Tbh after eating that crave burger, I wasn’t too disappointed. That’s 2 in a row El Paso! Get it together! Who, that I haven’t reviewed, is ready to step it up?






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