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Maven Burger Review

As I start to wrap up the Far East/East Side Burger Tour, I targeted a food truck that I’ve been eyeing for a while. So I sent out a burger courier to go grab me a burger from Maven Burgers and Tacos. I didn’t have any expectations because it’s a fairly new burger spot, and I try to remain impartial to how delicious some create an illusion of great food through great photography. As usual, I targeted the burger with the business name on it — The Maven Burger.

Maven Burger: Kaiser roll, avocado, butter lettuce, white cheese, American cheese, spicy weenie, “Maven Sauce” which tasted like Claude’s BBQ sauce, and two medium thick burgers (similar to the thickness of a Burger King patty). Cooked to a medium perfection.

The Kaiser roll was fresh and soft. I love a Kaiser roll’s texture and it’s partial hint of sweetness. Not too big on butter lettuce because of its lack of “snap” but it works. The creamy texture of the two different cheeses, over what delivered the “snap” that I was looking for... a spicy schublig style spicy sausage. Over the patties was the joint’s signature “Maven Sauce.” It tasted like Claude’s BBQ Sauce.

Claude's is a regional sauce company that specializes in marinades, but recently came out with a BBQ sauce. Ever get a chance pick some up.

Anyways, almost got sidetracked. Overall a good burger. It reminded me of a smoked burger for some reason. I docked points for the lettuce being a little soggy. Butter lettuce tends to soak up the juices fairly quickly. Also I would’ve liked the cheese over the patties. The cheese texture seemed a little far from the meaty textures. I recommend driving to its location in front of the Title Max on Lee Trevino, and ordering any one of their burgers or taco plates.

EP Burger Snob Score: 7.5/10.

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