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Lucky Cafe Review

Confession time... I’ve never ate at Lucky Cafe before... until today. Located somewhere between UMC and Downtown on Alameda (I think)... is a local favorite. A good friend recommended it. And dude knows a think or two about food, I'll tell ya. He suggested the Lucky Burger, and you know I always go for the burger with the company’s name on it. There was a double lucky, but after eating H&H right before, I don’t think I would’ve been able to finish it.

The service was really good here. Waitress’s eye contact was stronger than other places.

The bun was warm, buttery, crispy on the inside. Burger had mustard on the bottom with the LTOP. On top of that was a nice thin crispy fresh patty. Nicely seasoned. Nice share from the flat grill. Ham, bacon and weenies on top of that. I don’t normally order hamburgers with ham and weenies, but this one hit different. Very similar taste to the H&H Carwash burger but with added flavors from the pork products. Nice touch.

8.8/10. My only knock was it was overly greasy from the butter, bacon and hamburger patty. I love grease as much as the next guy, but it was overly done. If you like overly greasy burgers, then this might be a 9.6/10 for you.

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