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H&H Car Wash Review

It’s been over a year since I visited my favorite breakfast spot in El Paso, TX. THE one and only... H&H Car Wash.

A carwash that serves food? If you’re unfamiliar with the famous spot, it’s a quiet (sometimes) and quaint diner within the actual old school hand washed car wash. Opened in 1958 by Danny Haddad. I remember as a child, and teenager, my pops would bring me here. Kenny and Maynard Haddad were always outside sitting down, or inside chatting it up with patrons. My pops told me that my Nonno (Italian for Grandfather) helped fix the electricity from time to time. On the walls of the diner is a museum on honors from the city and numerous UTEP athletic posters dating back to the 50s.

There is nothing I can say or do, to do this burger justice. The “Julia Burger” is an iconic staple on the H&H Carwash Menu. Nice big soft white bun, mustard on the bottom bun, then chopped iceberg lettuce, onions and tomato. Then on top of that, the delicious (not frozen!) fresh pattt. Seasoned to perfection. You can taste the crisp from the flat grill (plancha) that might be old as the restaurant itself. Then American cheese, a big roasted green Chile (skinned), dill pickles, and Mayo. Soon as you bite into it you get the tang of the mustard followed by the char of the patty and the rest of the textures that comes with fresh burger ingredients. Old school as it gets.

9/10 on the epburgersnob scale.

Maynard walked by and said in classic Maynard fashion, “Jeez, slow down eating that burger young man.”


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