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Fat Bear Burger Review

The EP Burger Snob began his west side burger tour at the highly recommended Fat Bear. I walked into an extremely clean, and well taken of restaurant. You can tell the owner takes pride in their business. Usually a good indicator for the love they put into the food as well. The bear always reminds me of Ruidoso, NM for some reason. And that led to a feeling of coziness. Menu is easy to read and order from. Went immediately for my staple Double cheeseburger. The patties are quarter pounders. Double cheese, LTOP and green chile. Not really a fan of long green chile just lazily thrown in a burger. Fat Bear actually takes their time to chop their delicious hatch green chile. They ring the bell, call out your ticket number, and you go pick up your order. I specifically asked for mine to be cut in half so I could showcase its beauty. Immediately, I was welcomed with aromas of a good old fashioned diner burger. If I could compare what it looks like and smells like, I’d say a Frisco's burger. The green chile was chopped and put in with the American cheese. I loved how the cheese melted and welcomed the green chile inside of it. Gave it a chile con queso vibe. The buns were warm and slightly toasted. Nicely crisp and cool iceberg lettuce (y’all know that’s my favorite by now), medium slice of tomato, chopped onion, regular pickles and a base of mustard. Nice old school burger. First bite, you get the nice thin but soft and toasty bun, the acidity from the mustard and pickles, followed by the crispness of the lettuce and bam! The juicy savory patties and the American cheese what melted into the green chile. I’m glad orange cow was closed, because there’s no way I was going to be able to eat another burger. Good filling portion. Highly recommend Fat Bear for anyone looking to fulfill their old school diner burger craving. They also have a bunch of specialty burgers like a Tripitas burger and a “Juarez” Burger. Honestly you probably can’t go wrong with any of their burgers. Lot of love in the food here. Score: 8.5 out of 10

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