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EP Wing Factory Review

This review was meant to be posted about a month ago. I honestly forgot about it, but not because it wasn’t delicious. It was a weekday, probably happy hour times, sort of dead inside. Took about 5 minutes to be seated. Idk what the hostess/server/bartender was doing in the back, but I got there eventually. Service was a little shaky, but thank you West Texas Tripleta, from saving what would’ve been a bad dine-in experience. I had asked the server was he recommended, and the tripleta came out of his mouth without hesitation. He didn’t even give a sales pitch; he said it that confident. The burger was 1/2 lb of ground beef patty, juicy brisket, pepper jack and American cheese, BBQ sauce, Bacon, Sriracha Mayo, mustard and pickles. It sounds like a lot, because it was lol. The savoriness was “out of bounds.” The acidity was well balanced and the bun was nice and soft. I actually finished the burger because I had faster all day to account for the amount of calories in this behemoth of a burger. Burger Snob Score: 8.1/10

EP Wing Factory: 801 N Piedras St Suite 2, El Paso, TX 79903

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