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Chuco Grill Review

The Far East Burger tour continues... today it was Chuco Grill, located on Montwood near the Super Target. It was a lazy Sunday turner burger review. My daughter dragged me to Target on a Sunday. She had been watching some DIY Fish Bowl slime videos and decided she wanted to recreate it. As I was weaving through traffic down Montwood Drive I saw Chuco Grill. Not to be confused with another burger joint with “Chuco” in the name. Wanted to switch up the old double cheese burger routine and went with the burger that kept popping out at me on the menu, the Rajas Burger.

Rajas literally translates to rags, but when it comes to Mexican food it’s referring to green chile that’s been stripped to look like... rags. Nice friendly customer service soon as you walk in. Ordered, sat down, and within minutes, I see it...

A nice and toasted mixed sesame bun, mustard, ketchup, mayo, LTOP, a smash burger style patty topped with American cheese. Last but not least, the beautiful green “rags.” First thing you notice is the smell of the roasted green chile, toasted sesame and the meat. First bite surprised you with the perfectly toasted crisp of the bun and down into the juicy burger. My daughter asked me why I was so quiet. Probably because I was in shock that I was tasting something that nobody had offered a tip to. Well Chuco Grill, I tip my hat off. Well done. HIGHLY RECOMMEND CHUCO GRILL.

EP Burger Snob Score: 8.88/10.

Sitting up with some good Far East El Paso burgers! As always, support local!


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