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Chuco Burger Review

Couple weeks ago, well it seems like a couple weeks ago, but it was really in May — I had missed out on eating Chuco Burger at work. One of my buddies had brought in some burgers from there.

Chuco... the term was coined during the 1930s and 1940s originating from the word Pachuco/Pachuca/Pachucx The term refers to Chicano men and women in the area who dressed in zoot suits or zoot suit-influenced attire.

A burger joined named after El Paso, TX’s moniker — it’s brash name for a brash burger. Soon as I walked in, I was greeted by a man in a Chuco Burger T shirt, whom I assumed was the owner. I told him I was a first timer and he busted out a cool menu in the shape of a license plate. He instantly recommended the Dable-Dable Double Cheeseburger and I agreed. Also ordered the choriqueso fries and chuquitos (rolled tacos covered in cheese and green sauce). 10 minutes later, after conversating about the best burgers in town, I got my take out order and rushed home to dive into something I wasn’t prepared for...

A sweet sourdough bun, which was a pleasant surprise, because It seems like burger joints in El Paso stick to kaiser rolls and “whataburger” style buns. Double patty, double cheese. The patties were the perfect thickness. Similar to the thickness of a five guys burger patty. Underneath were LTP and mustard. After the first bite I can tell why this burger was once voted best in El Paso, and according to the owner, 4th best in TX. Soft sweet bun with slight hint of sourdoughness, perfectly grilled patties, gooey cheese, the cold crispness of the LTP and tangy punch of yellow mustard.

EP Burger Snob Score: 9.2/10

Without a doubt, one of the best burgers I’ve tasted in this burger journey. Put this burger joint on the top of your to do list. Tell him I sent you.

Chuco Burger located at 1201 Lafayette, El Paso, TX 79907

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