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Chase the Taste Burger Review

Today, I was supposed to hit up the elusive Orange Cow Burgers (closed on Mondays). Yes, I know it’s Friday... but after I picked my daughter up after my slumber, I had a a sign from the Burger God. I was driving down Saul Kleinfeld with the intention of hitting the loop to Transmountain, when I saw “Chase Greatness” on the back of a truck. Next to it was a 49ers logo and a “Trukiando” sticker, so take the sign with grain of salt. Anyways, with that sticker came the thought of Chase the Taste. Which I know isn’t part of the west side, and I’m doing the west side burger tour. But... maybe this is a stretch but they recently announced they’re opening up a west side location. So within technicalities, it’s also a west side burger joint. And let’s be honest, there isn’t a lot of burger joints in the far No-east. (Send suggestions). I went in and immediately asked what the OG Borracho Burger was, and was given an answer with too many ingredients. I keep it simple sizzle. Went with the Green Chile Cheeseburger.

Nice soft bun. Possibly a brioche bun. Hatch green chile. Grilled onions. Cheddar and American cheese. Tomato. Special sauce, that I suspect is chipotle based mayo.

Patties had a nice flavor. The seasoning was on point. Wasn’t too salty. My only point deduction was that the bottom bun was soggy. I ate it in the truck immediately after getting in it. Maybe the tomato and mayo on the bottom sogged it up. Overall it met every expectation I had. I’ve had numerous people suggest I come review the joint. Great reputation, and an even better burger. 9.0. Meets the gold standard for the EP Burger Snob scoring system that is kept a secret. #elpasoeats #eptxeats #epburgersnob #elpasofoodies #burgers

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