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Buckhorn Tavern Review (NM)

Buckhorn Tavern is often regarded as the holy grail of cheeseburgers in New Methico, USA. (Sorry Sparky's) I naturally had to investigate this claim, and it was worth the drive let me tell you. Buckhorn Tavern is located in San Antonio, NM. A small rural town off of I-25, between Lost Causes and Albuqucrazy. You may have heard of the burger wars in the 80s between McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy’s, but there was also another secret burger war in this small town, between Buckhorn Tavern and Owl Bar & Cafe... stay tuned for that review as well. The buckhorn burger lived up to every expectation. I ordered the green chile cheeseburger, as we were in NM just miles away from the chile capital of the world. It was a classic diner burger: soft white bun, healthy serving of mustard, beef, cheese, green chile, LTOP. The patties weren’t too thick or too thin. Beat comparison is a roscos burger with authentic hatch green chile. This one took the cake and is now the highest rated burger to date: Burger Snob Score: 9.6/10

Sits alone in the diamond club. :)

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